9.30 - 10.30, chair: M.Kutylowski
Sándor P. Fekete
Topology and Routing in Sensor Networks (Keynote Speech)

Coffee break

Session I   11.00 - 12.30, chair: J.Cichon
Sotiris Nikoletseas, Paul G. Spirakis
Efficient Sensor Network Design for Continuous Monitoring of Moving Objects

Beat Gfeller, Matúš Mihalák, Subhash Suri, Elias Vicari, Peter Widmayer
Counting Targets with Mobile Sensors in an Unknown Environment

F. Barsi, A.A. Bertossi, F. Betti Sorbelli, R. Ciotti, S. Olariu, M.C. Pinotti
Asynchronous Training in Wireless Sensor Networks

Luzi Anderegg, Stephan Eidenbenz, Leon Peeters, Peter Widmayer
Optimal Placement of Ad-Hoc Devices under a VCG-style Routing Protocol


14.00 - 15.00, chair: Jose Rolim
João Barros
Codes for Sensors: An Algorithmic Perspective (Keynote Speech)

Coffee break

Session II   15.30 - 17.00, chair: S.Fekete
Marcin Zawada
Analysis of the Bounded-Hops Converge-Cast Distributed Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networks

Samar Agnihotri, Pavan Nuggehalli, and H.S. Jamadagni
Correlation, Coding, and Cooperation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Patrik Floréen, Petteri Kaski, Topi Musto, Jukka Suomela
Local Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Problems in Sensor Networks

Amotz Bar-Noy, Theodore Brown, Matthew P. Johnson, Thomas La Porta, Ou Liu, Hosam Rowaihy
Assigning Sensors to Missions with Demands

Coffee break

Session III   17.30 - 18.30, chair: S.Nikoletseas
Anirvan DuttaGupta, Arijit Bishnu, Indranil Sengupta
Maximal Breach in Wireless Sensor Networks: Geometric Characterization and Algorithms

Maciej Gębala, Marcin Kik
Counting-sort and Routing in a Single Hop Radio Network

Ioannis Krontiris, Tassos Dimitriou, Thanassis Giannetsos, Marios Mpasoukos
Intrusion Detection of Sinkhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

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